The argument that people who know much more about Afrofuturism than I do, like Greg Tate, have made for a long time is that the history of Blacks in the New World is sci-fi made reality. In other words, the population in the world that experienced alien abduction, destruction of identity, destruction of their world—all these kinds of scenarios of sci-fi, were Black people in the Diaspora. Being looked at as an alien, being treated as an alien, being stripped, going to another planet—here are real world scenarios and here are fictional scenarios; where are the connections?

Many different Afrofuturist artists identify as aliens, and Janelle Monáe refers to herself as an android. What do you think inspires these personas?

By Justin Allen, AFROPUNK Contributor

Which is why I call slave ships, space ships from time to time (peep that irony: wasnt no damn room in no space slave ship nor in the early space shuttle either) 

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String Theory says that all the notes on a vibrating string correspond to a particle. That to an electron is actually a rubber band; a very tiny rubber band. but if you twang this rubber band and the rubber band vibrates at a different frequency, it turns into a quark. And you twang it again and it turns into a neutrino. So, how many musical notes are there? An infinite. How many musical notes are there on a string? An infinite number. And that may explain why we have so many subatomic particles. They are nothing but musical notes.

So, physics are nothing but the laws of harmonies on a string. Chemistry is nothing but the melodies you can play on vibrating strings. And the mind of God, the mind of God that Einstein worked on for the last 30 years of his life, the mind of God would be cosmic music. Cosmic music resonating through 11 dimensional hyperspace.

—- Micho Kaku, Theoretical Physicist (via madmaudlingoes)


I basically think of it as, like, the universe sang itself into existence.

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to think that all this in its rot and indulgence is underneath a music is something I am very ok with